From an award-winning Oscar-nominated film team comes a new documentary exploring why Americans are using public libraries more than ever before and the high stakes for democracy if libraries become extinct.

A film by Serendipity Films, LLC.

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Inspired by their love of libraries, filmmakers Dawn Logsdon and Lucie Faulknor are on a mission to tell the grand story of the American public library – from the historic free library movement that swept the nation over a century ago to the dramatic human stories unfolding inside libraries today. Help tell the story of America's most beloved and most endangered public institution. Together we can spark national dialogue and local action – before it's too late.

Free for All: Inside the Public Library is a multi-platform documentary project that brings together library stories from all across America. Whether historic or contemporary, humorous or heartbreaking, these individual dramas shed light on what public libraries mean to our society. The project's centerpiece is a feature-length film chronicling a “day-in-the-life” of the American Public Library, around the country from opening to closing time, interspersed with dramatic chapters of national library history. Shorter films bring alive other extraordinary public library stories - from the puritans and robber barons who launched it, through the immigrants, suffragettes and civil rights activists who transformed it, to the millions of Americans whose lives are changed at the public library today. - See more here


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